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Access Statement

Access Statement

We aim to ensure that all our visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience whilst using our facilities. To this end all our staff are committed to providing visitors with any assistance practicable. If you feel you need particular assistance please contact us in advance or any member of staff on arrival.

Llangollen Wharf is situated on Wharf hill in the town of Llangollen about 250 yards from the Town Centre. Approaching the Wharf on foot from the Town Centre involves a steep hill for the last 50 yards or so. There are three routes from the Town Centre to the Wharf . All are tarmac. One involves steep steps.

Car Parking

There is no car parking at the Wharf. Visitors are recommended to park in one of the Town Centre car parks and walk to the Wharf. The closest and cheapest car park to the Wharf is situated just outside the Town Centre on the A539 Wrexham Road (Mill Street) behind the Ponsonby Arms Public House. People with mobility problems may be dropped off at the Wharf. In exceptional circumstances, when for example the driver has mobility problems, it may be possible to arrange for a car to be parked at the Wharf but this does need to be agreed in advance. During school holidays and weekends in term time there is free parking at Dinas Bran School which is situated on Dinbren Road about 100 yards from the Wharf. On Saturdays and Sundays and from 1st July to 31st August there is limited unrestricted parking on Dinbren Road.

Horse Drawn Boats

The Horse Drawn Boats are accessible to people in wheelchairs via portable ramps. Users of large electric wheelchairs may find these unsuitable. Wheelchair users are asked to contact a member of staff on arrival if they wish to go on a Horse Drawn Boat. A maximum of 6 wheelchairs can be accommodated on each departure. Wheelchair users must arrive at the wharf at least 15 minutes before the trip departure time to allow time for loading. Larger groups of wheelchairs can be accommodated by request. Access to the Horse Drawn Boats for non wheelchair users is via 2 steps. Staff will assist any passenger who requires it. Seating on the boats is bench style. Children's buggies and push chairs can be taken onto the boats or securely stored at the Wharf for the duration of the trip.

Aqueduct Cruises

We regret that the boat used for Aqueduct Cruises cannot accommodate wheelchair users. To access the boat there is a single step up and over the gunwhale and four steps into the boat. There are handrails and staff are happy to assist as necessary, Folding wheelchairs, walking aids and buggies can be carried on the boat. Once on the boat the toilet and galley are on the level. The round trip to Llangollen includes a bus transfer. The bus embarkation point from Llangollen is from a conventional bus stop on Mill Street. The bus embarkation point at Froncysyllte is within 50 yards of the boat with the surface in between being concrete or gravel. The bus used to effect the transfer is a normal service style bus and may be either a single or double decker. Staff are happy to assist where necessary.